Administrative Support

The Tribunal has appointed Registrars to provide administrative support for the Tribunal Panel members.  The Registrar also administrates claims and arranges hearings.  There is also a Receptionist on duty from 09.30am to 4.00pm.  The Receptionist may be able to assist with queries regarding administration but neither the Registrar or Receptionist may offer advice regarding your claim.

Telephone Enquiries

The Tribunal office contact number is 441380, the office can provide information about Tribunal publications and explain how the Tribunal system works. The office cannot give legal advice, such as advising on your claim or response but it will advise you on the progress of your claim.


A photocopying service is not available at the Tribunal Office. Please ensure you have adequate copies of papers for the Tribunal.  Staff will direct you to nearby commercial photocopying facilities if required.

Toilet Facilities

There are toilet facilities situated just outside reception.  An accessible toilet suitable for people who have a disability is located in the main reception.


There is a water machine in the Tribunal's main Reception where you may help yourself.  There are coffee bars situated within walking distance of the Tribunal Offices but we ask that no food or drink are taken into the main hearing room. Jugs of water are provided.

Wheelchair Access

There is wheelchair access and a lift situated on the ground floor which will take you to the first floor, where the Tribunal Office is situated.  If you need any special arrangements please inform us and we will do all we can to help.


Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the building.


It is not appropriate for parties to bring babies and children to the Tribunal Hearing.  If you have children, please make alternative arrangements for their care whilst the Tribunal is in session.

Witness Information

If you have been asked by a Claimant or Respondent to be a Witness at a Final Hearing, please note you are required to make yourself available for the whole duration of the hearing. A Final Hearing usually lasts for one day, but we cannot specify when you will be required to give your evidence. Please inform the Chairman at the start of the hearing if you have a genuine reason why you cannot attend for the full day.


Please note the Tribunal cannot reimburse legal costs or loss of earnings for attending hearings.

Feedback and Complaints

The Tribunal welcomes feedback and suggestions for improvement.  Please contact a member of staff or use the address in the contact us section.

You can find out how to make a complaint against a Judge in the following document. Click Here.