The Judicial Greffe took on the role of administering appeals against planning and building decisions in 2015 so that your case is considered independently of the Department of the Environment. The system makes sure that everyone involved in an appeal has the chance to make their case. The Department of the Environment will be treated the same as any other party involved, and it must follow the same rules.

The Minister won't be involved in any initial decision. The first time the Minister will be asked to consider any details of the case is when the Inspector submit​s the report.

Current Active Appeals


February 2019 Planning Appeals - Graham Self

Application Number Property Name Type of Appeal Hearing Date
 P/2018/0950 St Elmo Against an approval of planning permission  6th Feb - 14:15
P/2018/0091 Pinewood & Seacroft Against a refusal of planning permission  6th Feb - 09:30 
 P/2018/1328 Clos du Mur Against an approval of planning permission  

 7th Feb - 10:00 


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